A WOMAN who woke up to find her husband dead beside her after a drugs session was arrested on suspicion of supplying him, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how Lesley Anne Cassidy, 48, had had 127 tablets of valium which she had bought from a dealer. She had served a jail term for peddling drugs.

Cassidy wept as the court was told how she would take between 10 and 20 valium pills a day and her late husband would take the same.

The defendant, of Smith Street, Nelson, admitted possessing a Class C controlled drug.

She was given a six month community order with supervision and must pay £65 costs.

David Hartley, prosecuting, said on June 9, police were called to Smith Street by the ambulance service. They indicated a man named Adrian Cassidy had died of a drugs overdose.

The defendant was present and said she and her late husband had taken drugs.

She said she had gone to sleep and had awoken to find him lifeless on the settee.

Mr Hartley said Cassidy was admitted to intensive care, and after she was released she was arrested.

Police investigated and there was no evidence to show Cassidy supplied her late husband with drugs.

There was evidence both had bought drugs. The defendant had 127 valium tablets which she had bought from a dealer.

Jasmine Basnyet, for Cassidy, said she had taken valium for a long time and the number of pills she had had would only have lasted the couple for about a week or so.

Both would take between 10 and 20 tablets a day.

The couple had known each other for 10 years and had been married for three when he died.

Miss Basnyet said: “It was a great shock to her when she awoke to find her husband dead next to her and she has been grieving for him ever since.”

The court heard Cassidy had been having a tough time since his death but she had realised she needed help.