POLICE raids targeting suspected drug dealers and burglars uncovered a two-foot machete — and a replica of a sword used by Klingons in Star Trek.

Officers said the weapon, which is three-foot long and multi-bladed, had been custom made.

It was seized from a home in Wellington Court, Woodnook, Accrington, along with the machete.

The ‘Klingon long sword’ was known in Star Trek: The Next Generation as a bat'leth. The crescent-shaped sword had grips allowing a user to spin the blades rapidly.

Neither the Klingon sword or machete are illegal to own, but the items were seized by police as ‘potential evidence of a criminal lifestyle’.

Inspector Gary Crowe said: “The weapons seized could be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands and the operation was designed to disrupt the activities of suspected criminals.

“People who are involved in the use and supply of drugs are often responsible for committing other crimes to fund their habit, such as burglary.

“We are keeping the pressure on people suspected to be criminals, so that whenever they raise their head over the parapet we are there. We are never going to stop.”

No-one was present at the Wellington Court home as police forced their way in this morning. They are trying to trace the householder.

Earlier police had launched the action - which also saw a home in Burnley Road raided - following a public briefing outside Accrington Town Hall.

The action was part of the operations Titus and Julius targeting suspected drug dealers and burglars respectively.

Insp Crowe said: “It’s important we reassure people and explain these raids are not just one-off shows in public.

“These are steps that are consistently and regularly taken.

“We are actively targeting people suspected to be involved in criminality.”

It is not the first time an imitation bat'leth, which means "Sword of Honor" in Klingon, has been uncovered.

One was among the blades surrendered to police as part of the nationwide 2006 knife amnesty.

Earlier this year in the US, a bat'leth-style sword was used in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in two armed-robberies.