FESTIVAL-goers from East Lancashire were caught in the middle of hurricane-force winds during a Spanish music event.

A group of 22-year-old women survived a night of destruction at the FIB Heineken festival at Benicassim.

More than 1,500 people were evacuated from the camping area during a late-night operation due to adverse weather conditions, which destroyed stages, lighting and tents.

The biggest music festival in Spain, often referred to as the ‘Spanish Glastonbury’, saw headline acts Kings of Leon and Lily Allen both cancel on health and safety reasons.

Lauren Brown, who works for Pendle Leisure Trust, was with her friends when the bad weather struck.

“At first we noticed really dark grey skies above the forest area, but thought nothing of it,” said Lauren, of Colne.

“Soon after there was a large forest fire nearby and then the winds started really picking up.

“We were being reassured by the festival organisers that Kings of Leon were still going to play, but then Paul Weller left the stage as it was getting damaged by the weather.”

Though hundreds of tents were ripped from the ground, and reports of looters were surfacing throughout the area, Lauren and her friends sat tight in their tent until morning.

Many campers abandoned the site to sleep in the town of Benicassim.

Lauren, of Ballgrove Drive, added: “We had to huddle together to keep warm but my tent stayed in the ground. When we woke up, we saw total destruction.

“Underwear was hanging from trees, tents were scattered across the site, and people’s possessions were all over the place.

Despite missing our favourite band, I think we will go back to the festi-val next year.”

Ex- Fisher More High School students Lauren Berry, of Blacko, and Vanessa and Katie Sowden, of Worsthorne, lost clothes and equipment.