A BURNLEY superschool has been lifted out of special measures following a successful inspection.

And headteacher Gill Broom has vowed to build on the Hameldon Community College’s success after education watchdogs graded it satisfactory with some good qualities.

The 885 pupils school was placed in special measures two years ago after the merger of Ivy Bank and Habergham High Schools under the £250million Building Schools for the Future scheme.

Ms Broom revealed the Byron Street school has been allowed to keep its business and enterprise and science specialisms and was pleased the school had come out of special measures before its September target.

She said work has already begun to improve standards on issues raised by Ofsted such as improving students’ personal development, raising their aspirations and increase the proportion of good or better teaching.

Ms Broom said: “I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment from students, staff and governors and we will continue to put in this into the school.

“I really hope this will give confidence and will help us progress.

“We are definitely improving the school and we will continue to improve.

“By the next inspection we hope to be good with outstanding qualities and we are already looking at improving the key stage three and four programmes.”

Ofsted inspectors have visited the said: “The quality of care, guidance and support for students is a strength of the college and the inclusion of all learners is at the heart of its ethos.

“With the support of a wide range of partnerships and outside agencies, vulnerable students or those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are well provided for.”

Ms Broom added: “Hameldon is delighted to be part of the exciting future facing Burnley: daring to dream that the rising stars of the football field can now be matched by rising stars in the field of education.”