THE COUNTRY’S top nurse will be in Hyndburn to officially open Accrington’s £7 million Acorn Health Centre.

Dame Christine Beasley, chief nursing officer for England and Wales, will also meet staff who work at the health centre.

Community health staff have also planned 30 displays and stands to show the range of children and families’ services provided at the launch event on Monday.

The health centre opened in early 2008. Gradually, more and more services have been brought into the building, including many that used to be available only in a hospital.

Val Carman, who is nursing and service provision director, said: “We have had core services in place right from the beginning but have been adding to them over time.

“The facilities are being used by people in Hyndburn, in conjunction with our services at the Accrington Pals Health Centre, the new Dental Education Centre, and at Accrington Victoria Hospital, which has received substantial investment too.”

Davina Gittins, associate director, added: “We are delighted to have such a prestigious person open the centre.

"She knows what it is like on the front-line and she will be able to talk to staff on a first-hand basis.”