A TEENAGER was left seriously injured after being attacked by two heroin users on his way home from an underage disco, a jury was told.

Gino Hargreaves, 15, was in hospital for two months and is still unable to remember much of the attack which happened in Hancock Street, Bank Top, Blackburn, last year.

But he took to the witness stand to tell the jury at Preston Crown Court how it has dramatically changed his life.

The Witton High School pupil has been left with ongoing memory problems, is partially paralysed down his right side, has double vision and struggles with his speech.

Kieron Chatburn, 30, of Hamlet Close, and Stuart Hartley, 25, of St Thomas Street, both Blackburn, denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

They each blame the other for striking Gino, the jury was told.

The court heard Gino, of Sandon Street, Blackburn, had been at an organised underage night at Liquid and Envy in the town centre when he and a friend were asked to leave for ‘messing around’.

Gino, who had been drinking, tried to go to a youth club where he often played on the decks, but it was closed.

He went to Chester’s takeaway in King Street and then came across Chatburn and Hartley and another man who had been trying to buy heroin, the jury was told.

Prosecuting Michael Lavery, said Gino, in a show of bravado to the older men told them he had a gun.

They called his bluff and he threw a dumped microwave wheel ‘as if it was a frisbee’ at them, the jury was told.

Mr Lavery said:” That was the catalyst for what followed he turned and ran and they chased him.

”Chasing somebody, attacking and kicking them when they are on the floor demonstrates the intention to cause serious harm.

“What else where they intending, as he lay down unable to defend to himself from they attack they subjected him to?”

The court heard that Chatburn said Hartley had attacked Gino and he had only slapped him to see if he was still conscious, while Hartley admitted throwing a beer can and punching Gino but said that Chatburn ‘backheeled him to the head’.

A witness living near Coleridge Street saw the final moments of the attack and watched as Chatburn launched a kick which ‘thudded into Gino’s head’, the jury was told.

Plain-clothed police officers found Gino and an ambulance was called but he refused treatment and was taken home by his mother.

He collapsed and was rushed to hospital where a scan revealed bleeding on his brain caused by a fractured skull.

Gino was placed in a medically induced coma and was in intensive care for eight days.

Giving evidence via video link Gino said: ”I don’t remember getting beaten up.

"I have bad memory now and that is from the beating. If I leave something in my room, go downstairs and then come back I have forgotten where I put it.

“I am different now. I can’t go far anymore because my legs get tired really easily.”

In a statement read to the court Gino’s mother Jane Hargreaves said she had been waiting up for Gino to come home, when a neighbour came to the door and told her he had been attacked.