SINGING sensation Hollie Steel has followed in her brother Josh’s footsteps since the age of five.

Josh, who has a decade of singing and dancing experience under his belt, told how pleased he was for his sister after she was featured in Britain’s Got Talent, and revealed hisown dreams to break into the music industry.

The 15-year-old said he was taking all the families media attention in his stride and hopes Hollie’s fame will help carve a successful musical career for her.

Oakhill College pupil Hollie, 10, who grew up off Pendle Way, Burnley, before moving to Huncoat with her family, including mum Nina, 37, and dad Jason, 38, shot to fame following her performance of I Could have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady on the ITV show.

Josh, who attends KLF Dance Academy, in Plumbe Street, Burnley with Hollie, said he also hopes to audition for a tv talent show, but this time the X-Factor next year.

He said: “I’m the proudest brother on the earth, she has had her break and has got to what I am working towards.

“When we decided to go for the Britain’s Got Talent we came up with a few ideas, we tried different things and came up with the routine, we usually jobs" target="_blank">work close together.

“I started dancing at eight and singing at 10, Hollie had watched me and got into it. If I hadn’t got into it she wouldn’t have started.”

Mum Nina said Hollie had been singing almost as soon as she learnt to talk.

Josh said: “I love her, she’s really giggly and she’s smart and bright “Hollie is an optimist, she doesn’t like to give up and tries her hardest.

“I hope she wins and hopefully she will help me. Performing is both of our dreams. I want her to win not just for me but for her so she will believe she really is that good.

“She doesn’t think she is as good as Susan Boyle.

“I have never heard her sing as she did when she got on stage for Britain’s Got Talent, it sounded like her voice got 10 times better, like she knew she had to prove a point and she gave 120 per cent.”