A PENDLE garden centre had a huge surprise when a yearly spring clean revealed a three-and-a-half foot long fish.

The diamond sturgeon was discovered by owners at Reedley Garden Centre, in Robinsons Lane, Brierfield, who have nicknamed the giant fish ‘Jaws’.

The fish, believed to be three to eight years old, has now become a star attraction at the centre.

‘Jaws’, previously in their main garden pond, which had its yearly clean-out two weeks ago, has now been temporarily placed in a smaller pond, which means he is more visible to visitors.

When Malcolm Clarke and Phil Calvert bought the garden centre in December 2007, they knew there was a sturgeon in the main pond, but were unaware just how large it was, as sturgeon hardly surface as they feed at the bottom of ponds.

Mr Clarke, who part owns the garden centre, said: “We have called the sturgeon Jaws because of its size and because the fish mimics the look of a shark.

"It is our largest fish and we are pretty sure that it’s the largest sturgeon in the area.

“Jaws is not for sale at the moment, but we will be stocking sturgeon soon that the public can buy.

"For the time being, visitors have the chance to see it up close while it is in the inner pond.

“Children in particular have loved it, though I think a few have been a little scared by it.”