COUNCIL bosses have spoken out to say the future of bus services in the Valley are secure following fears they could be sold to a private company.

Rossendale transport, which provides transport throughout the valley, is currently one of the last council-run bus companies in the UK.

Last week councillors discussed any potential assets that may benefit the borough if they were sold in the near future.

Several people then contacted the Lancashire Telegraph to say they were concerned Rossendale Transport could be sold off, following a decision earlier this year by Preston council to sell its transport system to a private bus company.

County coun Sean Serridge said: “I would urge the council to think twice about selling Rossendale transport.

“The county council has worked in partnership with Rossendale transport and we are very concerned that if the service is sold, then people would lose the smaller buses and also face a rise in ticket costs.”

It is understood the Valley’s bus service is one of 20 council-operated transport services that remain in the UK.

Coun Anne Cheetham, chairperson of Rossendale Transport, has assured local’s that this asset is not one which is up for sale.

She said: “We are not exploring any option to sell Rossendale Transport because it is very important to Rossendale.

“We have looked at our assets, but we have not discussed the idea of changing the transport system in the borough and we do not plan to.“ Barry Drellincourt, commercial director for the bus company, said: “We are not concerned about the future of Rossendale Transport because we know how valuable we are to the people of Rossendale and the council.”