WORKMEN were so eager to re-lay a road in Darwen that they resurfaced it around a car.

An area which is about three and-a-half-metres wide and 10ft long, where a silver Peugeot 207CC was parked, has been left untouched.

It is thought that the man who owns the car, who doesn’t live in Devon Street, is now on holiday and he is oblivious to what he will come home to.

Harry Pomfret, 84, who has lived in Devon Street for 40 years, said: “It’s just flipping stupid.

"If it had been me I’d have got a lorry and towed it away.

“But these contractors have a job to do and they cannot be wasting their time on fiddly bits and bobs.

“I think that a fast decision has been made in the circum-stances.”

Another resident said: “It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

“Yes, it seems daft, but we were all given letters that this was going to happen.

“The most recent letter was a day before the work was done and he had already gone away by then.”

Councillor Alan Cottam, who is executive member for regeneration and environment, said: “The residents of Devon Street were informed about the work and asked to move their cars on the day.

“When the contractor arrived, a car had been left parked.

“Efforts were made to contact the owner but it was discovered that they did not live on the street and had left the car there while they were on holiday.

“We have no power to have the car removed and, rather than waste any further time or money, it was decided to go ahead.

We’ll finish when the car owner returns.”