A WOMAN who carved her name and other tattoos on a man during a weekend fling has been convicted of unlawful wounding.

Dominique Fisher claimed that 24-year-old Wayne Robinson consented to the carvings being etched on his arms and back - and it had been his idea.

But Mr Robinson told the jury he was comatose at the time having downed vodka and valium.

Fisher, 22, of Roebuck Close, Blackburn, denied the charge but the jury at Preston crown court took just 25 minutes to unanimously find her guilty.

The court had heard how the two met in Blackpool Syndicate nightclub and went on to spend a night together in the resort's Cliffs Hotel.

Later they went to Fisher's flat in Blackburn where she used a Stanley knife to tattoo him.

Mr Robinson, from Fleetwood, told the court his last recollection was lying on the bed and he woke to discover what she had done.

He said "I had been cut up, there was blood and Dominique was snoring her head off. I had slashes, cuts on my arms and back".

She had tattooed the name Dominique on the top of one arm, put a tribal design on the other arm and etched a star on his back.

In her evidence, Fisher insisted that he had asked her for tattos and fully consented to what took place.

She told the jury: "We were both awake, knew what we were doing and talking about it. He was sat on the end of the bed, baring his arm.

"He was wiping the blood away with tissue".

She has now been remanded on bail for sentencing, due to take place at Burnley Crown Court on February 27.

Judge Andrew Woolman asked for a pre-sentence report to be drawn up by the probation service.

He told her "The court is looking towards some form of community order, with an element of supervision, to assist you".

The judge said he would sentence on the basis of the version of events she gave in evidence and described it as an unusual case.