MORE people have come forward to say they have also spotted UFO’s flying across the Rossendale Valley.

On Tuesday, the Lancashire Telegraph reported how “total sceptic” Peter Green claimed to have seen bright objects flying in a diamond formation as he walked his dog in Haslingden.

Now Colin Trippier, of Rawtenstall, says he was also left astounded when he and his wife spotted orange globes hovering in the sky above Rossendale.

Mr Trippier said: “My wife and I were coming home in the car when she saw the objects in the sky.

“The first appearance was on Christmas Day at 8pm where three orange globes were hovering in the sky above our house before travelling at a steady speed towards the Bacup area.

“The second occasion was on New Year’s Day at the same time but there were five globes in this instance.”

Mr Green said he was pleased to learn other people had also seen mysterious objects in the area.

He said:”I’m glad someone else has seen these lights, and from the Rawtenstall reports, they were exactly the same as what I saw.”

UFO enthusiasts are also currently investigating several reported Rossendale sightings over the last two weeks.

Mr Trippier added: “I wouldn’t want to speculate as to what the lights were because I have never seen anything like them before.

*If you have any reports or photos of the recent UFO sightings in Rossendale e-mail