Malcolm Clark, director of Make Votes Count, will be talking at a public meeting in Preston about his recent experiences on the Obama campaign trail.

Malcolm Clark who spent the final fortnight of the US election campaigning in the swing states of Colorado, Minnesota and Ohio, will be recounting some of the highs – from the Democratic Convention in Denver, to ‘Trick or Vote’ activities on Halloween, to election night in Chicago – and examining some of the aspects that made this election so empowering and exciting from the voters’ perspective.

Malcolm will be looking at lessons that can be learnt for the UK; how we could do elections - and politics – differently: from strategy and fundraising, to creative campaigning and involving more people, to making it easier to vote and for those votes to really matter.

And he’ll also be looking ahead to next year’s European elections to see how citizens in the North West can make the most of their vote. This event is hosted by the Lancashire Make Votes Count group, which campaigns locally for democratic reforms and ways of increasing voter engagement in elections.

A meeting of electoral reform activists from across the North West will take place after the main talk.

The meeting is free and open to all. It starts at 11.30am on Saturday December 6 in Room C of County Hall, Pitt Street, Preston. County Hall is adjacent to Preston railway station. Car parking is also available.