A TEENAGE girl was raped after being dragged from an alleyway into a man’s flat, a jury was told.

The prosecution said the 15-year-old girl was punched in the face before being sexually attacked in Johnston Street, Bank Top, Blackburn by Krzysztof Marciniak.

The girl was in such a state afterwards that she could barely talk, Preston Crown Court was told.

Marciniak initially denied to police ever having sex with the girl. When later told there was forensic evidence, he claimed that consensual sex had occured, initiated by her, the court heard.

Marciniak, 20, formerly of Johnston Street, denies a charge of rape and another of kidnaping the same girl, dating back to last December.

The 15 year-old and a 14 year-old friend had been out in Johnston Street on the evening of December 13 last year.

Robert Elias, prosecuting, said the elder girl was ‘tipsy’.

The two girls came across two men stood in an alleyway and- one of the was the defendant, he said.

The other man Zwier Zykowski was arrested at the scene, but has fled, said the Crown.

Mr Elias claimed that ‘opportunist’ Marciniak had known the girl for a matter of minutes at the most before the alleged attack took place.

Mr Elias told the jury: "Within a short period the two men grabbed both and dragged them into a yard at the rear of an address on Johnston Street. The other girl was held against a wall by the second man.

"Marciniak dragged the 15 year-old through a rear door and up a flight of stairs, into a first floor flat. She fell and cut her leg.

"Then the defendant pushed her onto a bed. She tried to get off, but was punched to the face.”

He then removed some of her clothing and his own before raping her.

"Her phone rang providentially”, Mr Elias said. “She made an excuse and said it was her father. She asked to use the toilet and managed to escape, joining the other girl in the rear yard.”

Mr Elias told the jury: “he issue in effect will be was the girl dragged upstairs and then raped or did she voluntarily go upstairs, initiate sex and freely consent?

"We say this was an opportunistic rape by someone who saw a vulnerable drunk girl and took advantage of her.”