A female juror was dismissed from a trial in Burnley after posting details of the case on Facebook and asking friends if they thought the defendants were guilty.

The woman went against strict rules forbidding jurors from discussing cases with family and friends and posted details of the sexual assault and child abduction trial on the popular social networking site.

After the juror’s actions were discovered, she was removed from the case at Burnley Crown Court. The trial continued with a jury of 11 people.

A Courts Service spokesman said today: “A juror was dismissed from a case on November 18 for discussing a case outside the court.”

Farooq Ahmed, 27, and Hardeep Singh, 32, both from Leicester, and Portuguese national Nelson Caldeiro-Claudino, 26, were found not guilty of child abduction at the trial.

Ahmed and Caldeiro-Claudino were cleared of sexual activity with a girl of 14.

Caldeiro-Claudino, who was also cleared of a serious sex assault, earlier admitted to having sex with a 12-year-old girl and will be sentenced in December.

No further punishment has been announced by the Courts Service, but the woman could face action for committing common law contempt after discussing the case outside the court and jury room.

If found guilty, such an offence could lead to imprisonment or a fine.