A THUG who battered three girlfriends has been labelled a danger to women.

Lee Gregory, 22, has been jailed after the latest attack in which he punched his latest victim several times and then sank his teeth into her ribs.

He has been sent to anger management classes in the past and spent time in jail but still cannot control his temper, a court was told.

Judge Simon Newell, jailing Gregory, of Stevenson Street East, Accrington, for six months, told him he needed help to protect future women he may come into contact with.

He said: "There is every chance on another occasion something very serious could occur and that would be appalling for the victim and would lead to a lengthy sentence.

"It seems to me the best sort of help you could get is self help. Do it yourself and do it with your family."

Burnley Crown Court was told that during the last two years Gregory, who has three children by different women, had been jailed for nine months for attacking a girlfriend.

And just last month, he was jailed for 27 weeks for attack on current girlfriend Lesley Taylor.

But he appeared before the crown court again this week for the attack on his girlfriend at the time Laura Dadey. This happened last March, but had only just come to court.

The court was told Gregory was texting on his mobile phone and was reluctant to allow Ms Dadey to see. She then saw he had a message which said: "Love you babe" and the pair ended up shouting.

Gregory then hit the victim several times as she tried to fight him off, leaving her with bruising and swelling near her right eye. He then grabbed her around the waist and bit her, causing her to scream in pain.

Gregory admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

Bob Elias, defending, said for the age of 22, Gregory had an ‘extremely unedifying record’ for domestic violence.

He had issues with immaturity and had a propensity to fly off the handle, Mr Elias said.

Mr Elias said: "Anybody would be horrified looking at his litany of offending. He will not learn to behave in prison. He does need a structured life. I am at a loss knowing where that help is going to come from."

After the case, the partner in charge of domestic violence cases at Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors, Rachel Horman, called for tougher penalities.

He said: “Domestic violence should be taken much more seriously than stranger violence.

“Your partner should be the last person in the world who would attack you, and breaking this trust should be punished severely.

“That said, the judges’ comments and police reaction show how much more seriously the issue is taken these days.

"This is a very positive message and I would urge any women experiencing domestic violence to come forward.”