WHAT is the first rule of design? The answer, if you ask Rovers-mad fashion designer Wayne Hemingway, is never use the colour claret.

You will not find the colours of Burnley FC in anything inspired by the Blackburn design guru.

Despite admitting he thinks blue and claret are actually a good colour combination in design terms, Wayne has revealed he would never use them by choice.

The founder of fashion label of Red or Dead, who now owns Hemingway Design, said: “So many times I would refuse to do a claret and blue T-shirt.

"I know it’s stupid and daft but I can’t do it.

“You won’t find anything in those colours designed by me, certainly not clothes and not even to this day in my other work.”

Wayne, now known for his house building and architectural work, said his passion for his team spilled into other aspects of his life, such as watching his own son play football.

Wayne and his wife Gerardine’s 11-year-old son Beck plays football for Portsmouth Academy.

But Wayne said he cannot cheer him on in the same way as the other parents.

He said: “How can I shout ‘come on Pompey’ as a Rovers fan?

“There’s no way. I just can’t say the words. So I shout his name or ‘come on you blues’.

“They won the tournament last season and they all had to parade the trophy around the ground and I couldn’t help but think wouldn’t it be good if this was at Ewood.

“It is his dream to play for Rovers, so there’s still time yet!”

Wayne, 47, is originally from Blackburn but is now living on the south coast of Sussex.

He attends all the Rovers away games in the south of England and has the radio tuned in for the rest.

Wayne said: “I only get to one or two home matches. It’s hard with work.

“But I’d love to go to more. If I wasn’t too scared to fly in a helicopter I’d get one and go every week.”

His wife of 25 years, Gerardine, originally from Padiham, added: “It can really ruin a day though when they lose and not just for Wayne but our two sons too, who are also big fans.

“They get a real sulk on when it’s a bad result.”