A FIGHTER plane bought by Darwen people should be commemorated in the town, according to a councillor.

With Remembrance Sunday approaching, campaigners say their efforts to bring a permanent war memorial to the town centre are still being frustrated.

According to For Darwen councillor Tony Melia, the Spitfire purchased by townspeople in 1941 should feature on public art or plaque.

A fund to buy the plane was launched in the town in September 1940, and it was accepted into service in March 1941. But it is thought to have been lost in July while on duty over France.

Documents stored at Darwen town hall document its history in detail, and Coun Melia said: “I would think some of the older people would know about it, and I imagine a lot of other people would be interested in hearing the story.

“It would be very relevant to the town, especially at the moment.”

Coun Melia said local businesses could be persuaded to help make the memorial.

The plans were backed by Brian Thompson, of Darwen Royal British Legion, who said: “It was a very successful funding appeal.”

And Mr Thompson, busy with this year’s poppy campaign, called for a meeting to address the problems holding back the war memorial plan.

He said: “This comes around every year, and you always notice it at this time. There have been so many false dawns and we’ve been left in limbo.”

Earcroft councillor Trevor Maxfield said funding should come from the new neighbourhood boards that are being set up across the borough.

He added: “They have a budget so we’re going to ask them.

"I think it’s important to remember the sacrifices people made for this country.”