REPORTS of a UFO sighting in Rossendale with a craft spotted flying at “a million miles an hour”, have been revealed.

In files now opened by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) details of several UFO sightings around the UK have been released.

One came at Eskitt Quarry, Haslingden, when a dog-walker spotted an object in the sky.

The file reads: “(The object was) shrouded in mist in otherwise clear sky. Rainbow effect of blue, green, yellow and white lights.”

The movements were then described: “(It) shot off at an angle, flying at a million miles an hour but not making any noise.”

The man who made the report to the January 1989 said he had also seen two youths while walking his dog, who also claimed they had seen the object on previous occasions.”

The MoD was less enthusiastic. The file, completed by an MoD squadron leader, said the man was a “regular correspondent”.