THESE images reveal how Burnley’s latest multi-million pound superschool will look.

The artist’s impressions were included in plans for the new Hameldon Community College, submit-ted to Burnley Council this week.

Documents presented to the council also described how the environmentally-friendly project would include biomass boilers, to generate energy for the school community, and a wind turbine.

But an expert has warned there has been evidence of common pipistrelle bats flying across the former St Hilda’s school site, which has been earmarked for the new 770-place school in Kiddrow Lane.

Consultant Cameron Crook, com-missioned by the Building Schools for the Future programme, has proposed strict conditions to ensure no harm comes to the bats during the construction phase.

Old school buildings will need to be removed from the site, between Coal Clough Lane and Rossendale Road and next to Cherry Fold Primary School, before the new college can take shape.

No evidence has been uncovered of bat roosts at the former St Hilda’s but two night-time surveys have shown evidence of pipistr-elles streaming across the site and feeding on nearby vegetation.

Mr Crook says: “All works should be undertaken under the strict supervision of the approved bat handler, between either the second week of October and the second week of November, or between early April and the second week in May.”

If evidence of bat roosts emerges then work should cease and the demolition operation will need to be reconsidered.

The school will benefit from two grassed pitches, an all-weather cricket pitch, running track, tennis and netball courts and be covered by a network of closed circuit security cameras.