STAFF at the Darrener newspaper say they are taking action against its owner, because they claim they have not been paid for almost three months.

The weekly newspaper has not been published since mid-July after it was banned from operating from the grounds of Darwen FC as part of a legal action by the club’s former owner.

Now the newspaper’s editor, former BBC man Peter Holland, has told the Lancashire Telegraph that he and other staff, have begun action against Ted Ward for money they claim they are owed.

Mr Ward said he had been told not to comment by his lawyers.

But Mr Holland, who had previously insisted that the Darrener would return once new offices had been found, said: “As of June 1, neither I nor the two reporters, the graphic designer, the layout assistant or the advertising staff have been paid.

“In this time we have received nothing at all. What we have received instead is a series of slick excuses and tales from Ted Ward saying we would be paid, on no less than nine occasions.

“Collectively, the staff decided, as of August 15, that we would start a grievance procedure and give him due notice to pay us, and if not it would go to an employment tribunal.

“Since then, we have not heard back from him. We all feel incredibly betrayed and let down.

“We are all hard-working and loyal and have been incredibly patient.

"We have been treated shabbily and enough is enough.

"I have written to each and every member of staff to express my own personal disgust.”

Mr Holland said there was “absolutely no chance” of the current staff working again for the Darrener.

Mr Ward and his business were banned from the Anchor Ground in July after former football club boss Kevin Henry successfully brought a legal injunction claiming he had not been fully paid for his share.