RARE photographs showing Lancashire’s Territorial Army soldiers in World War I are on display for the first time.

Photos discovered deep in the archives at the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment Museum in Preston, show territorial soldiers from across Lancashire in French and Belgian trenches.

The never before seen photographs are taking centre stage at an exhibition celebrating 100 years of the TA.

As well as highlighting such stories of courage, curator of the exhibit, Jane Davies, said the pictures told, as no words could, the atmosphere of the trenches and the conditions that had to be endured.

She said: “The pictures do a superb job of letting people know what a difficult job TA soldiers have had over the past 100 years.

“They have done exactly the same job as the regulars, as well as holding down a normal job on the side.

“They have served in both world wars and deserve to be remembered.

"The fourth and fifth battalions went over to Gallipolli in 1915, which was quite horrific.”

The exhibit coincides with the 100th anniversary of the formation of the TA – whose history began when Secretary of State for War Richard Burton Haldane, through legislation in Parliament, consolidated the yeomanry and volunteers into the Territorial Force.

The first units were stood up on April 1 1908 – accepted as the birth of the Territorial Army, which today represents a quarter of the British Army.

The exhibition is on at Queen’s Lancashire Regiment Museum, Fulwood Barracks in Preston. For more information about the 100th anniversary celebrations visit www.ta100.co.uk.