A Blackburn Rovers fan said following England at the Euro 2024 has been ‘pure emotional ecstasy’.

Paul Clegg will be at the Westfalenstadion Stadium (BVB Stadion) - the home of Borussia Dortmund - as England face Holland in the semi-finals of Euro 2024. It comes after the nation endured a thrilling penalty shootout against Switzerland over the weekend.

Paul has been a Rovers fan for 50 years and has followed England to four World Cups and is back on the road this summer.

He has been joined by fellow fans in Germany all from Blackburn who have been following England.

In Germany, he has visited six host cities and is hoping England pull off another historic win tonight to seal their place in Sunday’s final. England dispatched all five penalties to set up a date with the Netherlands.

Gareth Southgate’s side have been heavily criticised for their performances at Euro 2024 but are one game away from the showpiece in Berlin.

Paul said: “England are improving as the tournament goes on.

“Winning games easily 2-0 or 3-0 is great, but you can't beat the drama of the manner of our progress through this tournament.

“The 95th-minute goal against Slovakia and the perfect penalty shoot-out against Switzerland is pure emotional ecstasy.

“You ask anyone in the stadiums over here if they would swap those moments for a comfortable 3-0 win and they'll all tell you the same.

“It's pure football drama at its very best. I know it's stressful and almost torture for people back home watching it unfold like that but the atmosphere in the stadium as it happens is out of this world.”

Paul said the drama of winning on pens and last minute goals was 'emotional ecstasy'.

Rovers fan Michael Ofoluwa known as 'Offie' displayed his flag at the game. He is pictured above in the main picture second from right

Paul said he had sat through his fair share of penalty shootouts.

He said: “I've always said the best time in my life with football was our penalty win against Colombia in Moscow, and the worst losing to Italy in the shoot-out at Wembley, but that's football.

“I see the players getting more confidence, so hopefully we can be more relaxed and play to our full potential. But if not I’ll head to Berlin on the back of another stressful but successful night, the feeling out here amongst fans and even the Germans now, is this is our time.

“I trust Southgate and the players to deliver, and they will. It is building up just nicely, gathering momentum and confidence, and hopefully more special moments that stay with you for the rest of your life.”

England vs the Netherlands kicks off at 8pm tonight (Wednesday 10 July). ITV 1 will have live coverage of the match with the programme beginning at 6.30pm.