A Lancashire business has teamed up with a school in Colne to support and enhance the school’s library.

Colne Park High School, in Venables Avenue, has been undergoing changes in recent years to uphold its ethos that ‘no one gets left behind.’

However, budget cuts and staffing pressures affecting not only Colne Park but schools across the country, have often led to library department being the first to suffer.

WeBuyBooks.co.uk, which has partnered with the school, says school library budgets have dropped by nine per cent in real terms.

The company had a surplus of books which were not suitable for resale but were perfect for donation.

This has led to the establishment of a new partnership and the delivery of 2,500 young adult books to the school.

The company says it has a proud history of supporting local schools, exemplified by its annual tradition of delivering a book to every child in several primary schools in Rossendale on World Book Day, ensuring no child goes home without something new to read.

Catherine Eulert, headteacher at Colne Park, said: "We believe that every child has talents and strengths and that they can experience success as they develop into young adults through the supportive and caring environment we provide.

“These books will help immensely in assisting us to reach our goals. School libraries are facing unprecedented pressures in the current economic climate, so by partnering with this local business, we can help keep our children reading."