A child rapist wanted by the police has been arrested and put before a court.

Blackburn magistrates heard Richard Mason had been “off radar” for five months.

During that time he had failed to comply with reporting requirements under the Sex Offender Register and had no contact with the Probation Service as required under Post Sentence Supervision requirements.

Mason, 36, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to both charges.

He was committed in custody to be sentenced on August 14 after District Judge Alexandra Preston ruled her powers were insufficient.

Uzma Kausar, prosecuting said Mason had been put on the Sex Offender Register after being convicted of raping two children.

He was released from prison in January but by February 24 had stopped reporting to the police and was out of contact with the Probation Service.

Miss Kausar said Mason told police he had been working on a fairground.

“That is concerning in view of his previous convictions” said Miss Kausar.

Bill Rawstron, defending, said the comment about the fairground related to a period when his client was working in Scotland and not the period of the failure to comply between February and July of this year.

“He has not come to the adverse attention of the police during that period,” said Mr Rawstron.