Labour candidate for Blackburn Kate Hollern said this year’s campaign had been ‘challenging’ as her team had aimed to tackle ‘lies and misinformation’.

She has spent the final days of the campaign, the fourth she has been involved in, speaking to residents across Blackburn.

Ms Hollern was joined by councillors and supporters in Livesey and Feniscowles and also in Whalley Range.

She was also invited to the 40th anniversary celebrations of the East Lancashire Hospice. 

Ms Hollern said: “The amazing work of volunteers, staff and supporters is outstanding when supporting the hospice which is dear to our hearts and community.”

On Sunday, a large group of canvassers met at the Labour campaign headquarters in Oakenhurst Road.

(Image: Nq/LT) Ms Hollern said speaking with housing groups

Ms Hollern said: “Blackburn has a rich history and an outstanding reputation of bringing communities together.

"Blackburn has always, and always will be my number one priority. 

“We cannot continue with another five years of Tory divisions and demolition of public services. Blackburn deserves better.

“I am proud of my record on fighting for Blackburn and championing human rights across the world.

"I am the only candidate on the ballot paper with a proven record of fighting and delivering for Blackburn. If re-elected, I will be a voice for everyone in Blackburn. My record speaks for itself.

“The last few weeks have been my most challenging in an election period, in terms of tackling malicious misinformation and lies.

"The people of Blackburn deserve better which is why I will always prioritise honesty and integrity in our politics.”

She said she was delighted to be endorsed by the Palitics website which highlights pro-Palestine MPs.

Ms Hollern also shared a message from the co-founder and general secretary of the Labour Friends of Kashmir, Waseem Zaffar.

He said: “Kate Hollern has always been an unwavering and loyal friend of the Kashmiri community.

“As a member of parliament Kate was an active member on the Parliamentary Group on Kashmir and Labour Friends of Kashmir.”

The full list of candidates on the Blackburn ballot paper is: Kate Hollern – Labour Party; Adnan Hussain - Independent; Jamie McGowan - Conservative Party; Denise Morgan - Green Party; Craig Murray – Workers Party of Britain; Tiger Patel – Independent; Natasha Shah - Independent; Tommy Temperley – Reform UK; and Adam Waller-Slack – Liberal Democrats.