Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters is flying into Blackburn tomorrow to give Workers Party of Britain election candidate Craig Murray a rockstar boost.

He will join the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan's final campaign rally before July 4's polling day at Staveley House in Pickup Street at 4pm on Tuesday, July 2.

Mr Waters will arrive by helicopter at Stanley House Hotel in Mellor before joining Mr Murray in Blackburn town centre for a walkabout before the public meeting.

He was the founder and main songwriter of the rock band Pink Floyd, whose album Dark Side of the Moon is the fourth largest-selling of all time worldwide.

His best-known song is probably the 1979 UK number one 'Another Brick in The Wall'.

He has for many years been a vocal supporter of Palestine in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

However, his stances and statements around the conflict have often drawn criticisms of antisemitism, including past comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany.

Workers Party candidate Craig MurrayWorkers Party candidate Craig Murray

He was the subject of a 2023 documentary by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, and also said in an interview the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas may have been a "false flag operation".

In advance of his visit to Blackburn, Mr Waters said: "We are in an existential battle for the human soul. Vote for human rights, vote for Craig Murray."

Mr Waters has been supporting other selected pro-Palestinian candidates around the country during the campaign.

Tuesday's election rally at Staveley House is open to the general public on a first come, first served basis and there will be an opportunity both to hear and question the speakers.

Mr Murray said: "This will be our fifth open public meeting of the campaign and we are the only campaign that has held regular public meetings and been open to dialogue with the public."

His agent, Ingo Wagenknecht said: "It is a sign of Craig Murray's international standing that a superstar like Roger Waters is prepared to helicopter in just to support him.

"Voters are seeing Craig's international profile, massive experience and body of work and waking up to the fact that this is a unique chance to end the domination of Blackburn by a morally and intellectually bankrupt Labour Party."

Cllr Mustafa Desai, campaign manager for Independent candidate Adnan Hussain, said: "Murray parachuted in, Waters being helicoptered in, now we just need ET to land in a spaceship...these are signs of desperation.

"The real question is why are all these outsiders so interested in Blackburn? In the words of Fox Mulder, 'the truth is out there'."

The full list of candidates on the Blackburn ballot paper is: Kate Hollern – Labour Party; Adnan Hussain - Independent; Jamie McGowan - Conservative Party; Denise Morgan - Green Party; Craig Murray – Workers Party of Britain; Tiger Patel – Independent; Natasha Shah - Independent; Tommy Temperley – Reform UK; and Adam Waller-Slack – Liberal Democrats.