The BBC has released further information about the new crime drama The Jetty, including when it will be available to watch.

Filmed in Lancashire, the new four-part series will see Jenna Coleman take on the role of Detective Ember Manning.

The Detective will investigate a case in a Lancashire lake town that threatens to dig up her past.

The BBC has shared the first trailer for the drama which sees a fire tear through a holiday home.

Watch The Jetty’s first trailer

The BBC has released the first trailer for the new drama.

Detective Ember Manning is tasked with working out how the fire connects to a podcast journalist who is investigating a missing persons cold case and an illicit love triangle between a man in his 20s and two underage girls.

Ember manages to get close to the truth but as she does so, it threatens to destroy her life.

This forces her to re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about her life – including the past, present and even the town she calls home.

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Viewers can expect to see The Jetty asking big questions about sexual morality, identity and memory, in the places that Me Too has left behind, the BBC says.

How to watch The Jetty

If The Jetty sounds like a drama you might enjoy, here’s how you can watch it.

The new series will be available to watch from July 15 on BBC One and iPlayer.