A 'dynamic pop-up and casual catering concept' serving pizza has recently opened in Lancashire, from two of the area’s most decorated restaurants.

The latest venture, by an award-winning restaurant group, will showcase 'Oh! Pizza'.

'Oh! Pizza' will cater in beer gardens, festivals and events across the county serving their gourmet pizza.

The team behind Oh! Pizza, award winning catering company Foray, have two restaurants; 2 Michelin guide Fell Bistro In Longridge, and 3 Rosette Restaurant Aven in Preston.

Founded by Matt Willdigg, Alex Blamire and Oli Martin, the team brings their hospitality and cooking expertise to the streets with this new concept.

Alex and Oli said: "We have seen a significant shift in dining preferences over the past year, with food vendor sites like Mackie Mayor in Manchester and Chews Yard in Preston gaining popularity.

"We love what we do in the restaurants and at Foray, and we're fortunate to have a fantastic team that supports our daily operations, giving us the freedom to explore new projects whilst still being present within the current businesses.

"Oh! Pizza is our way of adding something casual and fun to our brand, and is the first of a few projects we have in the pipeline."

(Image: Oh! Pizza)

Oh! Pizza will feature local collaborations and pop-ups, as well as catering for parties and events with master chef professionals Matt Willdigg and Oli Martin along side a team of skilled chefs serving up expertly crafted pizzas at venues and events across the North.

Matt's passion for pizza began in childhood, making this venture particularly special. 

He said: "Pizza may seem simple, but beneath its surface lies a true art form that many spend years perfecting.

"As a chef, I have always harbored a deep passion for food and the pursuit of new culinary skills.

"Growing up, pizza was a staple in my life, a dish that’s always been close to my heart."

(Image: Oh! Pizza)

Pizza flavours include ham hock and pineapple, Hunter's chicken and meat feast.