It’s hay fever season and with pollen levels varying throughout the summer months, you might be wondering how they might affect you.

If you’re out and about in Blackburn or across Lancashire, you might find that you experience hay fever symptoms.

Hay fever isn’t contagious as it’s an allergic reaction some people have to pollen and many of the symptoms can be similar to those of a cold.

With temperatures starting to rise, forecasters have urged people to take care amid rising UV levels across the UK this week as well as an increasing pollen count.

What are the pollen levels in Blackburn today?

Today (June 24), the pollen levels in the north west are very high, according to the Met Office website.

The Kleenex website has detailed the exact levels of pollen in Blackburn today.

It says grass pollen levels are high (89 PPM) while tree pollen is low (48 PPM).

Weed pollen is also moderate at 34 PPM.

See the pollen levels in other areas of Lancashire below.

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What are the pollen levels in Lancashire today?

Other areas in Lancashire have similar pollen levels today, according to Kleenex.


  • Grass – 119 PPM (high)
  • Trees – 70 PPM (low)
  • Weeds – 35 PPM (moderate)


  • Grass – 144 PPM (high)
  • Trees – 96 PPM (moderate)
  • Weeds – 72 PPM (moderate)

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  • Grass – 89 PPM (high)
  • Trees – 48 PPM (low)
  • Weeds – 34 PPM (low)


  • Grass – 112 PPM (high)
  • Trees – 61 PPM (low)
  • Weeds – 43 PPM (moderate)

You can check your local forecast and pollen levels via the Met Office and Kleenex websites.