Plans have been submitted to turn a retail unit into a hot food takeaway in Colne.

Pendle Council received the application last month, with the proposed takeaway to be located on Albert Road at a former shoe shop.

The site is located within the town centre, with plans stating 'no external alterations are proposed as part of the development'.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs Hall, propose to change the back of the property from a store into a kitchen if successful.

The site is within an existing row of commercial properties, which includes another hot food takeaway at number 33, with the proposed takeaway to be located at number 27, if successful.

A heritage report was conducted by the council to ensure the surrounding development would not be affected by the proposed plans, as it lies within a Conservation Area.

It said: "In light of the factors outlined within this statement, it is considered that the development will result in no harm to the significance, character or setting of the Albert Road Conservation Area."

Conservation areas exist to manage and protect the special architectural and historic interest of a place, such as the features that make it unique.

Neighbours around the Albert Road area have been notified to input their opinion on the proposed plan.

Parish Consultation, Architectural Liason Unit, Environmental Services, and LCC Highway have all been consulted, with one response since Tuesday, June 18.

Lancashire County Council, acting as the local highway authority, did not raise an objection regarding the proposed development, and concluded that there are 'no highway grounds to support an objection'.

There is a limited waiting parking restriction outside the row on Albert Road, with the proposed opening hours of the takeaway are Monday to Saturday, 7am to 3pm.

Lancashire County Council's response said: "Customers to the proposed takeaway are likely to be short stay with a frequent turnover of parked vehicles.

"The highway authority therefore considers that the proposed development is unlikely to have a significant impact on highway safety or capacity in the immediate vicinity of the site."

The application status is currently pending consideration.