Lady Susan Howard knew what she was doing when she decorated a classic farmhouse on the grounds of Castle Howard, deep in North Yorkshire.

On the weekend of May 31, along with my family, I was given the honour of my first-ever farmhouse stay.

Having never been to York before, some frantic googling of what to expect at the Lime Kiln Farmhouse had me excited to live out my lady-of-the-house dreams.

I could tell my dream was about to come true in grand style, as soon as I pulled up outside the serene-looking cottage.(Image: NQ)

Inside, it’s like the daughter of the eleventh Earl of Carlisle, the late Lady Susan Howard, never left it, with soft vintage sofas in both downstairs sitting rooms, ornate mirrors dotted around, and wood burners adding the final touch.

My party of five constantly felt drawn to the kitchen, and we sat at the dining table both nights with cups of hot chocolate in hand.

It’s a spacious room with every kitchen gadget you could possibly need for any time of the year, so you can cook elaborate meals, and feel like you have all the mod cons of an IKEA kitchen but rooted in the 1800s.

After spending almost the entire night in the cosy kitchen, we finally retreated to one of the lounges, and sank into the sofas, with the perfect view to talk all night long.

(Image: Castle Howard)

But sleep took hold so easily at the farmhouse, as it just feels so snug that you cannot help but feel like you’re in a home away from home.

Each bedroom has a viewpoint window with a reading seat, and this was the moment I felt euphoria rush to my brain. I have always wanted a window seat so I could play out my Elizabeth Bennet dreams with my battered copy of Pride & Prejudice.

There are three bathrooms in the farmhouse, one for each of the bedrooms and when I discovered the slipper bath with brass-coloured taps, I immediately made the decision I was having a bath, and I hadn’t had a proper ‘bath’ in years.

The bowl bathtub is huge, and the bathroom itself is so spacious, with a separate shower in the room. There’s all the usual little bath creams and gels on hand, and you can just sink into the bath and relax.

Lime Kiln Farmhouse has everything you need for a stay for however many days you want it, and if you have furry friends that you just can’t leave behind – you can bring them too.

There is a children’s bedroom on the ground floor, but this can easily be used by adults as we did.

While staying at this beautiful stone farmhouse, we immersed ourselves in what this part of Yorkshire has to offer, and being on the Castle Howard estate, it only made sense to visit the castle itself.

Credit: Simon BroadheadCredit: Simon Broadhead (Image: Simon Broadhead)

The rain stayed away, and we walked the castle grounds and gardens and, for bonus points, I was happy to see yet another traditional and luxury slipper bath.

The owner of the castle was at the castle that day. He still lives there with his family and, though I failed in wrangling an invite to dinner, I was happy to return to the farmhouse, where yet another slipper bathtime awaited me.

At this point, I was not sure how I’d ever go back to modern showers after becoming accustomed to such fine luxury in just two days.

If you need a break from modern society but without giving up WiFi and all your comforts, then Lime Kiln Farm House is perfect for you.(Image: NQ)

Children will love the space both indoors and outdoors, and the farmhouse is just over 30 minutes away from York city centre, where you can find amazing places to eat and visit such as the Viking Museum.

Prices range from £855 for a 3-night weekend in November to £1,995 for a week-long stay in August.

There are a total of six holiday cottages with a choice of one, two or three bedrooms.

A new holiday cottage is currently undergoing refurbishment and will be available from August this summer.

It is partly built in the walls of Castle Howard, making it an extra special place to stay.