With the General Election less than two weeks away, the Lancashire Telegraph's local democracy reporter Bill Jacobs looks at the new Ribble Valley constituency, where changed boundaries could mean a change of MP for the first time in more than 30 years.

Veteran Conservative Nigel Evans is hoping his three decades as an MP will just about get him back to Parliament despite the heavy redrawing of his once rock-solid seat.

The loss of key Tory areas to the neighbouring new Pendle and Clitheroe constituency and unexpected Labour gains in last year's local elections make his 18,439 majority in 2019 look unlikely to be repeated in the new boundaries on July 4.

His successful campaign to save Waddow Hall as an outdoor activity centre could be seen by some cynics as a last-ditch attempt to burnish his local campaigner credentials - and the move hasn't gone down well as he may have hoped.

Others may see it as giving him something to do in charge of the charity running the former Girl Guiding UK hub when he loses his seat.

Mr Evans has been here before after he shockingly lost the constituency in 1991 after a highly unpleasant by-election campaign following the resignation of long-serving MP David Waddington, only to regain it from the Liberal Democrats in the 1992 national poll as Labour started the surge towards Tony Blair's 1997 landslide.

Nigel Evans has represented the Ribble Valley for 32 yearsNigel Evans has represented the Ribble Valley for 32 years

Now with parts of Preston, which were in the seat when he first represented it, coming back the 66-year-old House of Commons deputy speaker is counting on being seen as 'Mr dependable and familiar'.

He is also hoping his record as a long-term Euro-sceptic, despite warnings it would damage his chances of party advancement, will help fend off the Reform UK threat.

Mr Evans said: "I have served the Ribble Valley for 32 years in Westminster.

"For over three decades, I've supported our farmers, boosting tourism and job growth. I oppose building homes on the green belt.

"As a steadfast advocate for strong defences and the nuclear deterrent. I have always supported BAE Systems and other local businesses.

"I fought for the new cyber security force to come to the Ribble Valley; 3,500 skilled jobs.

"I’ve supported Waddow Hall's re-opening for youth groups which will now happen.

"I back the triple lock for pensioners, and support National Insurance cuts for working families. I oppose Labour's taxes on independent schools. My three decades of experience and achievements speak for themselves."

Maya Ellis is hoping to take the seat for LabourMaya Ellis is hoping to take the seat for Labour

Labour's Maya Ellis is seeking to harness her party's core campaign theme of 'time for a change' after 14 years of Conservative-led government.

She said: "Ribble Valley, just like our country, is ready for change and a fresh start.

"I have grown up here and will be a local MP, raising my young family here, and focused on helping young people, families, and all our varied communities to feel safe and supported.

"My background is local government, so I know how to make Westminster work better for us locally.

"I will fight for safe, affordable homes to live in, and better roads, schools, and more GP appointments to support them.

"Labour will stabilise the economy, to reduce bills and mortgage rates, and I will work hard to improve our high streets and cultural offers to ensure this remains an attractive place to live. I will fight for you."

The environment is at the core of the Green Party candidate's offeringThe environment is at the core of the Green Party candidate's offering

The Green Party's Caroline Montague said: "The area of the Ribble Valley is very fortunate to have wonderful countryside and waterways. Residents want those green spaces to be protected.

"They also want to safeguard their wonderful waterways from continued sewage dumping from a private water company.

"As a Green MP I will push for a year-on-year reduction in waiting times for every resident in the Ribble Valley; investing in GPs and public health is key to prevention, early diagnosis and improving the life of every resident in Ribble Valley; and for introducing a carbon tax to drive fossil fuels out of our economy and raise money for the green transition."

Lib Dem John PotterLib Dem John Potter

John Potter, standing for the Liberal Democrats who are no longer the force they once were in the Ribble Valley, said: "Like millions of ordinary people across the UK, the chaos and incompetence of the Conservatives over the last five years has hurt me financially.

"Surging inflation and price hikes added £2,000 a year to my mortgage interest payments alone.

"The charity I’m a trustee of is on the frontline helping people from all walks of life. I see first-hand the pressures the cost of living crisis is having on families, the elderly and businesses. None of this was inevitable.

"Sewage in our rivers, an NHS on its knees and our economy flatlining. Ribble Valley and the UK deserve better."

What impact will Reform UK have on Nigel Evan's vote-count?What impact will Reform UK have on Nigel Evan's vote-count?

John Carroll from Reform UK said: "Let’s address our immigration challenges head-on.

"Our nation has endured financial strain, resulting in long waiting lists for medical operations, housing shortages, an overburdened education system, and concerns about safety in our streets.

"By implementing sensible immigration policies, enhancing policing, and reaffirming our commitment to traditional values, we can restore stability and security for all.

"It's time to reduce taxation and reignite our economy."

Can Dr Amji restore some trust in politics?Can Dr Amji restore some trust in politics?

Completing the candidate line-up is Independent Dr Qasim Ajmi who said: "I'm an orthopaedic and a spinal surgeon.

"I have worked in NHS for over 20 years, looking after my patients and jumping into the political arena to protect my patients, NHS, and my colleagues from political dysfunction.

"Educational debts are on the rise, and good teachers are leaving the profession due to dissatisfaction and poor management. Protect health and education systems to make Britain great again!"

Mr Evans is relying on voters in his beautiful constituency to decide it's time for more of the same rather the risking a change of MP - but Labour for once has high hopes of proving him wrong.

Polling aggregator Electoral Calculus is currently predicting a 62 per cent chance of a Labour win - but the race is expected to be tight, and Labour would do very well to overturn Mr Evans' healthy majority.

The full list of candidates is: Qasim Ajmi - Independent; John Carroll – Reform UK; Maya Ellis – Labour Party; Nigel Evans – Conservative Party; Caroline Montague - Green Party; and John Potter – Liberal Democrats.