A charity which provides vital support to Blackburn's most vulnerable women, with one dedicated worker going above and beyond to help.

One key figure in Spark's mission is Zoe Brindle, who spends her day as a caseworker bringing services directly to those in need.

For more than two and a half years, she has helped support drugs and alcohol recovery services in Blackburn with Darwen.

Ms Brindle's work not only encompasses support for the women themselves – including over 30 active sex workers and several other at-risk women - but extends to their overall well-being.

Ms Brindle said: "If we told them to attend a 9am meeting, it just wouldn't happen."

The caseworker spends her working week organising and attending appointments with women, ranging from regular GP schedules, picking up prescriptions, and helping them access STI screenings and various drug-related treatments.

Ms Brindle added: "Any appointments, I pick them up and take them.

"I refer them to services, help them apply for housing – I help with whatever they need.

"Some call me their Mum and PA because I’m always there to help and support them with anything they need."

Every Wednesday, Zoe hits the road in her outreach van, offering much-needed supplies, medicines and assistance which many of the women can’t access themselves.

From contraceptives and health supplements to personal alarm systems and opioid overdose antidotes, she offers all the essentials needed to aid active users with harm reduction.

One supported woman, named Donna, said: "She is the best keyworker I’ve ever had – I wouldn’t be here without her."

Ms Brindle said: "We need to continue to work with the police to ensure those who are higher up empathise and understand the women’s perspective, so this trust continues."

To learn more about Spark’s outreach services for vulnerable women, contact BWD@calico.org.uk or 01254 495014.