A supermarket chain has confirmed it will be changing the parking terms and conditions at one of its East Lancashire stores.

Customers at the Booths store in Station Road, Clitheroe, have recently spotted signs in the car park warning that they will only be given one hour free parking instead of the current two. 

Booths have confirmed the changes will come into effect in July, but did not say from which date.

A spokesperson for the company said the decision has been made as it had become “increasingly difficult” for their customers to find parking spaces at the store.

They also said visitors to the store’s café will be entitled to an additional hour of free parking.

The store is close to the town centre which has limited on-street parking around the area.

A Booths spokesperson said: “We’re aware that it has become increasingly difficult for shoppers to find a parking space at Booths Clitheroe.

“To ensure that visitors have a better opportunity to park, we will be offering one hour of free parking with an option to pay a fee on exit for up to two hours.

“Customers visiting our in-store café will be entitled to an additional hour’s free parking by either entering their reg details at a terminal in the café till, or requesting a single-use barcode at the payment terminal.

“The car park is free of restrictions from 7pm to 12am.

“Changes will come into effect in July.”

Booths has two other stores in East Lancashire, in Barrowford and Longridge.

On their website, it says there is two hours of free parking for customers at the Barrowford store but there is number plate recognition ‘to ensure Booths customers have a better opportunity to park.’

It adds ‘we do not receive any profits from this.’

Customers also get two hours of free parking at the Longridge store.