Blackburn Youth Darts Academy has undergone a transformation and the new and improved site could be used to train up the ‘next young darts sensation’.

Based at the Saint Pauls Working Men's Club in Montague Street, Blackburn Youth Darts Academy now has a new stage and media room, to help the youngsters' improve their media confidence.

New darts board at Blackburn Youth Darts Academy New darts board at Blackburn Youth Darts Academy (Image: Blackburn Youth Darts Academy)

The new stage cost more than £3,000 and it is equipped with a new multi-camera set up.

The stage also has a small screen set up with live score updates.

Keith Brunt and the sponsors for the stage, Precision Polymer EngineeringKeith Brunt and the sponsors for the stage, Precision Polymer Engineering (Image: Blackburn Youth Darts Academy)

It is hoped that the new stage will help young people in their professional darts career as they get used to live streaming and being filmed by a live camera set up.

The new media room is home to a backdrop, media lighting, new audio enhancers and a video camera, to help young players feel more confident in front of the cameras when getting interviewed. If they make it to a professional game they will know how to act in front of a camera.

One up-and-coming player at the academy is 14-year-old Joe Westby.

In February, he won the Junior Darts Corporation’s (JDC) Super 16 final in Milton Keynes, following in the footsteps of teen darts sensation, Luke Littler, who has also won the tournament in the past.

Joe Westby Joe Westby (Image: Taylor Lanning/PDC)

Director of the academy, Keith Brunt, has said: "A lot of hard work has gone into this stage, a lot of money but thankfully we have had help with this from PPE (Precision Polymer Engineering), who are the official sponsors for the stage."

The academy also helps the participants with their mathematical skills, hand-eye co-ordination, socialising skills and team work skills. They train every Saturday.