Are we still calling out people for not being British enough? It is 2024.

Nigel Farage was back in the spotlight for suggesting ‘growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British values” and ‘loathe much of what we stand for’.

He followed that beauty up by suggesting Rishi Sunak was not in tune with ‘our culture’ after he faced criticism for leaving D Day events a little than planned.

Thankfully, the Prime Minister was not willing to entertain him further.

It appears making comments about minorities and calling them out for not being British enough was a precursor for the election campaign. It is a good way to get yourself back out there. You know, let the people know who is standing up for the common man and the silent majority.

If I was his election campaign manager, I would have him dress wear a red, white and blue suit and drive around in a battle bus. You know one where we could promise the NHS £350m week. It worked last time round.

I am so embarrassed that we fell for that. I mean, £350m a week…how much is that a year?

He wasn’t the only one. Anne-Marie Trevelyan sensing we might all sit up and take notice of exactly who she is, got in the act by spouting off similar nonsense.

What everyone tends to miss is that there not subscribing to British values is a very British past time. These feelings of hating ‘Britain’ is embedded into us after years of watching comedy specials and sitcoms. 

The problem most of us have is we have no idea what idea of Britishness is ‘okay’ and which isn’t. It is confusing as hell sometimes.

If we constantly fawn over the Royals or sing the national anthem every so often would that really make me more British? I will do it helps.

The folk who travel from foreign countries and take our of elderly and get paid a pittance for it certainly hold the values we should all aspire too.

All is not lost though.

I am pleasantly surprised the familiar culture wars have not been the focus points for the election so far. It appears people really are a little tired of it now. When they people are made to look stupid.

The reason for this is that after a while, it becomes dated and desperate. If you have nothing else to say we might as well blame the 2 per cent of folk for screwing up 98 per cent of the country. 

I know after years of having to fend of accusations of not being British enough a whole load of people will breath a sigh of relief.

I know we are not of the woods yet and we have around four weeks to go.

For the record. All British, supporting England, love fish and chips, no to shariah law and hate the weather. It is awful. Lets the country down big time.