A town centre pub customer says a brass band were treated ‘rudely’ as they attempted to entertain customers in Blackburn after a D-Day event.

Members of the Darwen Brass Band had been taking part in commemorations outside Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday to mark 80 years since the decisive operation of World War Two.

After the service they entered the JD Wetherspoon Postal Order pub in Darwen Street, which is located next door to the Cathedral.

However, halfway through performing a tune, staff from the pub interrupted and told the band to stop playing and leave.

JD Wetherspoon said its pubs did not play live music but is happy to reconsider if the band wished to return to the pub.

A spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon said: “Almost uniquely, Wetherspoon does not play music in its pubs. 

"There have been occasional exceptions for special occasions which, due to live music sometimes needing licensing permission,  have been agreed in advance. 

"If the organisers of the brass band would like to contact Wetherspoon, we will certainly consider making an exception.” 

One customer who was there said people had been ‘really happy’ when the band decided to play some impromptu renditions of popular wartime tunes just after 4pm.

But to their shock, they were told by staff to stop to a chorus of boos. The band stopped playing and then quietly left the pub.

One witness said: “We attended the D-Day commemoration at the Blackburn Cathedral.

"Whilst the ceremony was going on myself, my daughter and my parents called into The Postal Order in Blackburn.

“As we sat having a coffee the Darwen Brass band came in and decided to do a good deed and started to play some old war songs.

"It brought the morale of the pub up lots of people joined in singing.”

She added: “Then staff came and told them they couldn’t play.

“Given the circumstances, I am sure they could have let them play on for a few moments. Quite a lot of people were really upset.

“The brass band just left. I find this shocking the way the band was treat was appalling.”

Earlier the band had been playing outside Blackburn Cathedral ahead of a special ceremony to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6.

Darwen Brass Band declined to comment.