Gemma Atkinson visited an animal shelter in Edenfield during an episode of her television show, Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind The Lens.

The former Emmerdale actress descended on Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary with her daughter, Mia, in the latest episode of the show.

Gemma, who is president of the charity, said she goes to the sanctuary to “escape the hustle and madness of work”.

She said: “I secretly hope that Mia will share my love of animals so any chance we get we spend time with them.

“I always like taking Mia [to Beakholt]when I can [to show her] not all animals are treated well.

“I won a game show and won £25,000. I donated it to Bleakholt.

“It’s therapeutic for me, away from the hustle, bustle and madness of work. There is nothing better than coming up here to be surrounded by animals.”

During the episode, Gemma visited the £75,000 cattery, which opened in 2022. She also visited some of the horses and ponies, including elderly pony Bilbo.

She said: “What a great place to live [for ponies and horses]. You have fields in the background and you can run around close to one another”.

Talking to her Instagram followers, Gemma said she hopes the episode provides a first-hand look at where people’s donations go.

Bleakholt rehomes around 13,000 animals a year and cares for cats, dogs, small animals and beyond.

A spokesperson for Bleakholt said donations go a long way in supporting animals at the sanctuary, where bills have risen up to £30,000 a year.

The UKTV series gives viewers a glimpse into the couple’s family life as they welcome a second child to the family.

Gemma recently ran the Great Manchester Run, raising more than £11,000 for the animal charity.

Bury-born Gemma, who is married to Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Márquez, said she is grateful to anyone who has made a donation.