A campaign has been launched to install a defibrillator after a father died at a beauty spot on a family walk. 

Ketan Patel was only 45 when he died on May 11 this year.

He had been on a walk up Rivington Pike with his wife, Nita, and their eight-year-old daughter when he collapsed. 

Members of the public and paramedics tended to him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Now friends Sarah Gaskell, Shelley Ford and Claire Pilkington were on a walk at the time when they came across Ketan, Nita and their daughter. 

Now, they have launched a fundraiser to install a defibrillator at Fika Cafe Rivington, near to where he collapsed. 

Lancashire Telegraph: (L-R) Claire, Shelley and Sarah are campaigning to get a defibrillator installed up Rivington Pike(L-R) Claire, Shelley and Sarah are campaigning to get a defibrillator installed up Rivington Pike (Image: Public)

Sarah said: "We had just gone for a walk up Rivington Pike as you do. 

"You know how you notice people on a walk, we had seen this family earlier on. 

"When we got to the café, there was all this commotion and people looking after a gentleman on the floor. 

"The wife and daughter were on their own so we went over and spoke to them. It is difficult because there is not much you can do." 

To donate to the fundraiser, visit this link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Rivingtonpikedefibrillatorfund

She added: "There was a policeman and A&E nurse administering aid to him. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Ketan PatelKetan Patel (Image: Family)

"We took the daughter to the side, she was only eight. They kept trying and he was coming in and out of consciousness. 

"Then the air ambulance came. After around 30-40 minutes we left and took their daughter to her grandparents' house. 

"Then as we were on our way back we were told that he died at the scene. We didn't know them, but we thought if there had been a defibrillator then it could have saved his life." 

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Sarah said: "The café owner, Will, had been helping as well and they were thinking how they could help. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Fika RivingtonFika Rivington (Image: Paul Hesketh)

"I luckily know someone involved in NWAS, he said a cabinet outside would need a 24-hour power supply and the café is only run off a generator as there is no direct network because it is so secluded. 

"Then we found out about solar-powered defibrillator cabinets, which would be £2600 excluding VAT, when a normal one is around £1100. 

"So we thought we would set up a fundraiser and contact Rivington Heritage Trust." 

She added: "We feel for them, we didn't know them, but Shelley and Claire went to his funeral on Monday." 

Nita added: "What we are doing as a group, family and friends, donating this defibrillator at Rivington, hopefully it will help other people if they need it. 

"It is just unfortunate that there wasn't one there when my husband needed it, but now there is and I am hoping it will come in useful for other people and save lives."