A Blackburn solicitor has thrown his hat into the general election ring as an Independent candidate with the support of the 4BwD group on the borough council.

Adnan Hussain launched his campaign for the Blackburn seat on Facebook earlier this week, saying: "I pledge to be a voice for you."

The 34-year-old was born in Burnley and educated at Mansfield High School in Brierfield, before gaining a law degree from the University of Central Lancashire.

The Wilpshire resident now runs his own legal practice in Blackburn.

Mr Hussain's announcements bring the number of declared candidates for the seat to eight, with the Green Party expected to put forward a hopeful as well.

Listed as an independent, he is supported by the 4BwD group of Gaza rebels on Blackburn with Darwen Council - councillors who quit Labour over the national party's perceived inaction in relation to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Lancashire Telegraph: Labour's incumbent Kate Hollern has an 18,000 majorityLabour's incumbent Kate Hollern has an 18,000 majority (Image: Parliament)

The group became the borough's second largest party and official opposition after picking up a number of ward seats from Labour in the local elections earlier this month.

Mr Hussain's campaign is focused primarily on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza following Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, and the subsequent aerial bombardment and ground invasion by Israel in Gaza, in which thousands of civilians have been killed and many tens of thousands more displaced.

In his Facebook post, Mr Hussain said: "I pledge to be a voice for all our community.

"I promise to make your concerns about the injustice being inflicted upon the people of Gaza be heard loud and clear in the places where our so-called representatives have failed.

"I say no to supporting a genocide."

Mr Hussain's candidacy was unanimously backed by a meeting of all 12 4BwD independents on Blackburn with Darwen Council.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I got involved in politics because I feel you have to get involved rather than stand on the sidelines and complain.

"I was a member of the Labour Party and worked on some of Kate Hollern's campaigns.

"I left in 2020 because I felt it no longer represented me.

Lancashire Telegraph: Tiger Patel, who quit the Tories over Gaza, is also running as an independentTiger Patel, who quit the Tories over Gaza, is also running as an independent (Image: Newsquest)

"I felt the Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer was something I no longer recognised.

"People are fed up of the two-party system.

"I don't want someone from outside the town coming in and taking advantage of our concerns over Gaza.

"I want to represent the whole community of Blackburn and address issues like poverty, deprivation and the housing crisis.

"I feel there is a big issue between our two communities in Blackburn and we need to steer them together and our town a place of inclusivity."

Cllr Mustafa Desai, leader of the 4BwD group on the borough council, said: "Adnan has the backing of our group of independent councillors. I think he will be a very capable candidate."

Other candidates so far declared are Labour's Mrs Hollern, Conservative Jamie McGowan, Liberal Democrat Adam Waller-Slack, the Workers' Party of Britain's Craig Murray, independent Altaf "Tiger" Patel, Reform UK's Tommy Temperley and Independent Natasha Shah.