A resident says constant flooding in a back alley behind her home is making her life a ‘nightmare’.

Heavy rain this week had made matters worse and the alleyway was flooded again.

Linda Daws who lives in Accrington Road said she had complained over the state of the alleyway.

Blackburn with Darwen Council said teams had been back to the site again and it appears a gully pot further down the alleyway was blocked by solidified fat.

Linda said: “It has been going on since before Christmas and every time it rains the whole alleyway gets flooded.

“The residents here are fed up. How are we supposed to take the bins out?

“It appears there was building work going on down the road and it has had an effect on the drains.

“I have rung the council a number of times.”

Linda said the water was flooding their backyards too when it overflowed.

She said: “It was having an effect on the neighbours properties. We do not know who to turn to.

“I have lived here 40 years and it has never been like this.”

The team from Blackburn with Darwen Highways said they had visited the site on a number of occasions and further work was planned.

Head of highways, Carmel Foster-Devine, said: “We received a complaint on April 8 from the occupier in Accrington Road regarding a blocked gully to the rear of her property. 

“The following day, a council crew attended and cleaned the gully pot. In fact, they had to dig the gully pot out by hand as it was full of fat. 

“The same resident contacted us again on May 14, reporting that the gully was not functioning. 

“A crew visited the rear of Accrington Road again on the morning of Thursday, May 23, following heavy rainfall overnight, and found the gully had blocked again, causing ponding in the back street to the rear of the resident’s property. 

“Early next week, we have scheduled for a crew to return to the area to clean out the gully once more. They will also jet its connection to ensure there is no remaining fat in the drain connection.

“Investigations are continuing as to the cause of the fat build-up in the gully.”

Used cooking oils and fats should not be disposed of down drains as they can congeal and solidify, causing blockages.

Cooking oil should be placed in sealed container and into the general waste bin for disposal, or large containers of oil can be disposed of at household waste recycling centres.

There are also private cooking oil collection firms that will pick up containers of used oils to be disposed of properly.