Lammack resident Tommy Temperley has been selected as the Reform UK party's General Election candidate for Blackburn.

He said: "I left the Conservatives over too to many broken promises and driving the country into a revolving door on policies.

"We can make Britain great again.

"To do this, reform is essential in the way our country is run and managed, so it works properly for the people.

"In many areas, just the application of basic common sense would be a good start!

"The nation faces many challenges, but we can overcome them. To succeed, we need to do Brexit properly.

"We must grow our way out of the crisis, we cannot tax our way out of it. We must stand up for our core democratic values, our civil liberties, our right to free speech.

"Let’s celebrate our pride in being British: our amazing culture, our unbreakable communities, our incredible heritage. Let’s stop all the woke nonsense that is holding us back.

"Let’s have a proper immigration policy that works for our country and protects our borders. Together, let’s make great things happen!"

Reform UK is the successor to UKIP and The Brexit Party.

Mr Temperley has lived in Blackburn for 40 years.

He will be up against Labour's incumbent Kate Hollern, Liberal Democrat Adam Waller-Slack, SDP candidate Paul Topping, the Workers' Party's Craig Murray, and independent Altaf 'Tiger' Patel at the July 4 poll. Any other candidates for the constituency are yet to be announced.