Whether you’re looking to move house or find a new place to explore on a day out, Lancashire has plenty of pretty villages to choose from.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget what’s on our doorsteps and we wanted to know which villages are the prettiest in the county.

To find out which stand out to locals, we asked our readers on Facebook to tell us which they believe are the prettiest – let’s take a look at the results.

Prettiest villages in Lancashire according to our readers

In April this year, Wiswell was named one of the poshest villages in the UK and it was the only one in Lancashire to feature in the list.

It was described as “a small chocolate box village” which “offers the best of both worlds” for locals.

The newspaper added that the average house price in the village is £666,810.

You can see our article here and the full list from the Telegraph via the website.

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However, our readers named Downham as the prettiest village in Lancashire.

While there were plenty of villages mentioned, one stuck out with the most number of votes and that was Downham with more than 20 votes.

Waddington and Sabden made up the top three with Downham. One local said: “Downham is pretty damn pretty!”

Another said: “Downham for me.”

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A third said: “Waddington has to be up there!”

Also proving popular among our readers were Wycoller, Chipping and Wrea Green plus more.

One said: “If you've been to Wycoller you'd say Wycoller.”

Another local said: “Wrea Green has to be in with a shout?”

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.