Former Blackpool Football Club owner Owen Oyston has lost an appeal in his legal wrangle with Blackpool Council over council tax payments which are owed to the authority.

Mr Oyston had appealed after a court had previously ruled he was liable for council tax payments totalling £3,038.31 in relation to The Penthouse on the third floor of Blackpool FC’s Bloomfield Road stadium.

The money which is owed to Blackpool Council relates to council tax years prior to 2023/24. All councils have a responsibility to collect unpaid council tax which is used to fund local services.

The council secured a liability order for the payments following a court hearing in June 2023, but Mr Oyston had appealed against the ruling.

However his appeal was dismissed in a decision handed down by Mr Justice Turner in the High Court. Costs were awarded to the council but a figure has not been disclosed.

Documents which are part of the judgement say: “This case concerns the appellant’s grievances as to whether The Penthouse is a chargeable dwelling or whether he is liable to pay council tax in respect of it.”

Following the judgement, a Blackpool Council spokesperson said: “On June 28, 2023, a liability order was made in respect of non-payment of council tax for a residential address within Blackpool Football Club’s stadium.

“An appeal brought against this order was heard in the High Court of Justice on May 14, 2024.

“The appeal was dismissed and Blackpool Council awarded costs.”

Further legal action is being taken by Blackpool Council against Mr Oyston in relation to council tax the authority is seeking to collect for the last financial year of 2023/24.

A hearing, which was due to be held at Preston Magistrates Court on May 8, was adjourned until July 3.

Mr Oyston was the owner of Blackpool Football Club until 2019, when it was bought by current owner Simon Sadler.