An actor from Read has opened up about rumours he is set to play James Bond – and says wants to land more acting roles where he can use his Lancashire accent.

Lucien Laviscount, a former Ribblesdale High School pupil, appeared on Good Morning Britain to address rumours that he is set to replace Daniel Craig as the next 007.

He said: “If the Bond phone call came in, you don’t turn that down. That would be something pretty special I am sure.

“I think it is one of the most iconic British roles and I would love to be in the mix for that.”

Co-host Ed Balls said if he landed the role he should use his East Lancashire accent.

Lucien admitted that he often disguises his Lancashire accent for a “more southern and proper” accent, in acting roles.

He said: “Every time I get an audition for something British they ask me to do my natural accent and I am like ‘no – you don’t want that’.

“My accent usually goes a little more southern and ‘proper’.

“It would be nice to do something with my northern accent.”

On Good Morning Britain, the former Clitheroe Royal Grammar Sixth Form pupil also opened up about how footballer David Beckham helped launch his acting career.

After being scouted for a modelling opportunity with the footballer and Marks and Spencer, the former England player asked his assistant to ring an acting school on behalf of Lucien.

Lucien said: “I got street scouted to do a modelling job while window shopping in Manchester. I thought ‘great, this is a day off school’.

“I ended up getting the job and it turned out it was with Marks and Spencer and David Beckham. I was a confident and chatty kid.

“He said ‘this kid should get into acting’ and got his assistant to call an acting school in Manchester.”

The 31-year-old also spoke about his time on Emily in Paris and how he felt when he landed the acting role on season two of show.

The fourth season of Emily in Paris is set to air later this year and Lucien’s character, Alfie, will return to our screens.

He said: “It happened so quickly. I was in New York at the time and I got a phone call from my manager saying ‘Lucien – get yourself on tape, Darren Star [Emily in Paris creator] wants to see you for Emily in Paris.

“I dropped everything. The next day I was on a Zoom call with Lily Collins [who plays Emily Cooper on the show] and Darren.

“About three hours later after getting this call I was packing my bags and heading off to Paris

“I came in the second season so I was like the new kid in school. I saw the success of the first season and I enjoyed [watching it] too.

“There was a bit of pressure as you hope it will be as good as season one.”

Lucien starred in several TV series and soaps between 2007 and 2011, including Grange Hill, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

In 2011 he also landed a place in Celebrity Big Brother and came fifth overall.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph in 2006, Lucien said: “Hopefully I will be in Grange Hill for a few years and after that I want to get into films.

“I would love to make it big in America or Britain."