An apple tree that was cut down in Colne has left residents 'furious' as they believed there was nothing wrong with it.

Residents who live in Middle Street, Colne, were left furious after they found a large apple tree outside their homes had been felled last week.

A resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Together Housing's contractors, who are in charge of his and other nearby properties, cut down the tree as it was 'dying'.

The social housing provider said the tree was structurally unsafe.

The resident said: "Together Housing has cut down a beautiful big apple tree, and the residents are furious.

"I took six carrier bags of gorgeous, crunchy apples from it last year and they were sweet tasting and great for apple pies.

"I have grown apple trees for more than 40 years and I know when a tree is diseased.

"This one wasn't, so why did they cut down a beautiful apple tree doing no harm?"

Lancashire Telegraph:

Together Housing said following an inspection of the tree, prompted by a visible crack down the middle of the trunk, it was deemed 'structurally unsafe' and required cutting down, in the interest of public safety.

.Now all that remains of the tree is a large stump in the lawned area to the front of the properties.

It's hoped that growth will return over the coming years.

Matthew Newman, assistant director of place shaping for Together Housing, said: “We do understand that local residents enjoyed having the apple tree in their community but health and safety are paramount.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"We have left the stump height at four feet to encourage new growth in seasons to come.

“We take these decisions very seriously and always consider the impact we have on the environment.

"We are actively looking at ways to preserve and increase the number of trees in Lancashire over the coming months and years.”