At first glance you might look at this photo and think ‘aah, how cute!’.

But take a closer look. Is there not something really sinister about it?

Lancashire Telegraph: E Lancs day nursery, 1965

We found the picture in the Telegraph archive and the caption on it simply says ‘Day Nursery’ and it is dated May 1965.

The two youngsters are having their afternoon nap on tiny camp beds watched over by an array of plastic animals. Perhaps we’ve seen too many movies where the toys come alive but that giant poodle (at least that’s what we think it is) on the left, looks decidedly dodgy.

Fancy waking up and finding that looming over you. Let’s just hope the little ones weren’t scarred by their nursery experience.

If anyone has any idea where it may have been taken, we’d love to know. Email if you can help or leave a comment.