Blackburn’s Shabaz Ali posed with fans at a book signing in the Mall over the weekend.

The social media star, who is known as ‘the Robin Hood’ of TikTok was at Waterstones following the release of his new book ‘I’m Rich, You’re Poor: How to Give Social Media a Reality Check’.

It is inspired by his hilarious viral videos where he mocks social media’s super rich.

Fans got a personalised message from Shabaz and a copy of his new book.

The books description says: “The world is full of books about how to be rich. This is not one of them.

“Today, many of us are feeling the pinch and being bombarded with portrayals of social media 'perfection' is making that pinch feel more like a punch.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn’s Shabaz Ali posed with fans at a book signing in the MallShabaz was at Waterstones on Saturday

Lancashire Telegraph:

Ahead of the book’s release Shabaz said: “I wrote this book to remind people of how extraordinary it is to be ordinary, to take pride in the lives we have and laugh at social media instead of comparing ourselves to it.

“Social media and the wealth on display can make the rest of us feel excluded, that we are less.

"I want this book to be a toolkit to help people differentiate between reality and some of what we see on our screens and embrace social media as a place of community."

Shabaz created his TikTok account at the end of 2019 and now has millions of followers.