In her fortnightly column, Blackburn MP Kate Hollern discusses a recent meeting of SSB Law victims at Westminster and the fight for justice.

It was an honour to attend an incredibly moving event last week in Parliament, in which victims of the SSB Law crisis came together to share their experiences.

Members of the SSB Law Victims Group described the impact of the situation on their physical and mental health and the significant shock, anger, and distress that they have experienced.

It is regrettable no Government ministers were present to hear their testimonies.

After homeowners discovered cavity wall insulation that had been installed in their homes under government-backed schemes was faulty, compensation claims were taken on by SSB Law, on a no-win-no-fee basis.

However, when the firm collapsed, hundreds of people were issued with huge legal bills. An investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority is ongoing.

I have met with multiple constituents in recent months to discuss the impact of the collapse of SSB Law, and I have heard first-hand the devastating impact that this situation has had on them and their loved ones.

Having received letters threatening court action, several of my constituents have been fearful of losing their homes. I have also seen the shocking damage to their properties.

My colleagues and I have been maintaining pressure on the Government to act, and deliver justice for victims.

I recently attended a Westminster Hall debate on this issue, I continue to correspond with various Ministers on behalf of my affected constituents, and I have signed early-day motion 423, which calls on the Government “to ensure that all demands for payment and court orders resulting from the collapse of SSB Law are dropped immediately”.

It is vital we continue to make use of all available parliamentary mechanisms to seek clarity and pursue justice for all our constituents who have been affected by this.

It is significant that this situation has arisen from the poor implementation of Government-backed decarbonisation schemes.

The failure on the Government’s part to ensure the proper implementation of the schemes means they must now be held accountable for the crisis that has ensued.

Worryingly, it is likely that the true scale of the problem is still unknown. If Net Zero targets are to be reached, many more millions of homes are likely to be fitted with similar types of insulation in the coming years.

As such, it is absolutely crucial that measures are put in place now to ensure that a similar situation can never happen again.

We also must not forget that, with every day that passes, people are living in unsafe homes with damp and mould threatening their physical and mental health.

If we do not urgently address this crisis, we could see the development of serious or potentially life-threatening health issues.

I will continue to work with colleagues to ascertain the true scale of this crisis, and maintain pressure on the Government to bring this appalling affair to an end and ensure that it can never be repeated.

Once again, I implore Government Ministers to meet with victims and hear their stories, so that they can fully comprehend the urgency of the situation.

It is incumbent on the Government to address this unacceptable and desperate situation that so many find themselves in, through no fault of their own.

Kate Hollern is the Labour Member of Parliament for Blackburn.